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TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE provides a variety of services for your vehicle, and all at affordable prices! So come check us out at 617 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074 and see our list of available services. Whether you need an oil change service or new tires, we can help! We can also provide brake service to ensure the safety of your loved ones and the service of your car’s AC so that you won’t feel stressed during the journey. To learn more about what we offer, please visit our site, or you can directly visit our shop if you live nearby. 


TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE in Plano is not simply another automobile repair shop. While we specialize in automobiles, we are also concerned with the individuals who drive them. TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE shop which you can easily found out by searching oil change shop near Plano ensures the safety and satisfaction of their customers. TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE situated in Plano has been providing full-service solutions for automobiles for years. It all began with the creation of a self-service automobile, which eventually expanded into full-service car operations. Our trained and certified specialists can do the same service as a dealer, only at a far greater rate and with more convenience. TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE is the best auto care shop in Plano, Tx.  We understand how individuals drive and, as a result, may come up with the finest strategy for your vehicle using services supported by our best-in-class warranty. Today, more than ever, you can count on us for expert brake repair, regular car maintenance, exhaust repairs, new tires, oil changes, steering repairs, suspension system inspections and repair services. TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE car service in Plano guarantee three things:


In Plano, TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE is the only auto repair shop you can trust, even if you know absolutely nothing about cars. We will always carefully explain what’s going on and why items need to be replaced. We care about our customers that sometimes they have a tight budget; therefore, we inform them beforehand about what is essential and what we could save for later. We don’t make anyone feel bad about anything.


TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE is the place where you will get fantastic service (A+). Honest, trustworthiness is the core value on which TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE works. After getting our services, it is sure that you will highly recommend us.

It’s such good advertisement for the business when you have a vehicle in the shop waiting to be re-painted. If you live far away in Plano from our shop location, no worries because the journey you took from your house to our shop will be worth it! There is a very professional staff, and they ended up repairing much more than you had anticipated, this is our promise. You will feel great after dealing with such people who do have deep knowledge about your automobile.

Our Mission

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The purpose of TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE is to help Plano’s individuals and families in need by providing the best services for your automobile as it is the nearest oil change shop in Plano. But, just like humans, your automobiles also need care. Care here means taking your automobile for an annual check-up and getting fixed all the automobile’s issues. This will ensure the long-lasting life of the automobile. Our goal is always to provide excellent auto car service to our customers, to grow our team, strive for continuous improvement, and live responsibly in the community. 

Our Vision

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To be the most innovative and exciting automotive business intelligence solutions in the Plano, USA. We’ll generate enthusiasm by implementing innovative ideas, problem-solving, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Your automobiles issues will be fixed using the latest technology and with full dedication and interest within a short period. TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE staff based in Plano treats your vehicle like their own therefore we have a good record of repairing and maintaining automobiles.

TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE Was Founded Some years Back

TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE ensures the safety and satisfaction of their customers. TEN MINUTE OIL CHANGE
has been providing full-service solutions for automobiles since years.

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